ZuWaKo CIB Café #4

On June 15, 2023, Sara Tori, PhD student at the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) reported about her different CIB applications at the CIB Café. Together with colleagues, she has used CIB in the EU project SPROUT to develop scenarios of urban mobility until 2030 for five different cities. She has used innovative methodological approaches with CIB: First, a joint macro-matrix was developed, from which the different cities then selected and adapted the key factors and interrelations relevant to them in order to construct specific scenarios as efficiently as possible. Second, CIB was combined with various workshop methods to validate the scenarios and elaborate narratives together with stakeholders. In the remobilise project, she is designing exploratory scenarios for mobility in Brussels up to 2050, extending the participatory components of her CIB process with expert delphis and the use of personas. For more information on Sara’s work with CIB, please see Tori et al. 2023 (Futures), Deliverable D3.1 SPROUT and a report from the remobilise project.

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