Module A: Goal conflicts in a river basin

Module A examines potential conflicts of goals and actions in an abstract region. The extent to which playing scenarios can change the perspective of participants is also part of this study.

The aim of this project is to explore information and data related to conflicts in catchment areas with the support of stakeholders and associations in the Eifel-Rur or Meuse-South catchment area. Some central questions are: What are typical conflicts in a catchment area, and what conflicts are anticipated in the future? The aim is to identify patterns to build an abstract and modifiable serious game that can be used to show potential future scenarios (in a catchment area). The aim is to develop a simulation game that is as open as possible and that should stimulate discussion during the game. The simulation game focuses on actors and their behaviour that are currently or could be faced in the future in the context of water use in river basins.

The module receives expert support on water and industry from Prof. Dr. Konar Mutafoglu of Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and other professionals.

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