Serious gaming workshop on Future irrigation conflicts

The third stakeholder workshop in Module B took place on 22.03.2024, this time in online format. In addition to the previous participants from agriculture, the green space office, nature conservation and water supply, this time we were also able to attract representatives from the administration. As requested by the participants in the previous workshop, we had set up an exemplary mini-game matrix with a selection of interrelationships and interactions. We were able to use this for a first test run of our “Futurescape Navigator” simulation game: the participants were given game roles with specific goals for which they were to select measures. The interplay between the various measures and the set framework conditions (in this case a scenario entitled “Society and the economy in crisis”) was then displayed and could be jointly optimized in further rounds of the game. In addition, the modes of action and the basic structure of the game were presented. With the feedback, the latter will now be fine-tuned before the complete policy options for the game roles are fed in – including evaluation and justification of the respective contexts.

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