First ZuWaKo workshop on irrigation conflicts: contexts and goals

Which context developments will influence the irrigation situation in the future? What are the goals of the different actors and how do these goals relate to each other? These questions were the focus of a multi-stakeholder workshop in moduel B irrigation conflicts, which took place in the small council hall of  the Heilbronn town hall on July 24, 2023. 14 local experts from the agricultural sector (e.g. winegrowers’ cooperatives, irrigation associations, farmers’ association), environmental protection and nature conservation, the municipal administration in the field of green spaces as well as from the water supply company intensively exchanged their different perspectives on the topic.  The workshop was designed and facilitated by researchers from Module B. The results of the workshop will directly feed into the construction of policy-mix scenarios, which in turn form the basis for the serious gaming sessions.

© Hannah Kosow

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