SEcond Stakeholder Workshop in Module B: PoliCIES and SERIOUS GaME

What options for action do the various irrigation stakeholders have in the future and how do these strategies, measures and instruments relate to each other? How can the ZuWaKo simulation game be used to bring together stakeholders from different sectors to better understand the complex interplay of contexts and policies and ultimately select the most robust combinations of policies possible? These questions were the focus of a multi-stakeholder workshop on 12.02.2024, which took place at the Heinrich Fries Haus in Heilbronn. Seven local and regional experts from agriculture, environmental protection and nature conservation, municipal administration in the field of green areas, as well as regional and long-distance water supply intensively exchanged on their policies and tested the functionality of the ZuWaKo simulation game web application using the rock-paper-scissors game. The workshop was designed and moderated by researchers from Module B. The results of the workshop flow directly into the development of measure-mix scenarios in Module B and into the joint further development and adaptation of the simulation game in the overall project.

CC BY-SA 3.0 (Peter Schmelzle)

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